What different kinds of pain behaviour do we know?

On the one hand we know the painavoiding patients, who get anxious to feel the pain again and is uncertain what the future could bring. These patients rest too long, because they are convinced that the pain will continue harming the spine. On the other hand we can see the paincoping patients. They know that their pain will become better in the nearer future and have no fear regarding the future. These people try to live their lifes as good as possible and rarely stay off work. 

You can imagine that the pain-copers have a much better prognosis for a good outcome than the pain-avoiders. If you feel some spinal pain, try to live your life as normal as possible. Do the things slower and with more consciousness and avoid to lift heavy weights! If you do so, the painepisode will solve up by itself within one week with a very high propability!