Bedrest or Maintenance of Activity?

The traditional opinion about the treatment of backpain said that every patient suffering from an acute backpain episode has to stay in his bed for 2-3 weeks! Still 1977 Dr. Deyo in Seattle performed a study with this paingroup and found out that for the longterm effect two days in bed where significantly better than one week in bed.
To look to the facts: if even a healthy 25 year old sportman lies in his bed just 1 day, he will loose 1% of his musclestrength and 1% of his heart-lung-endurance . Further more every 2-3 days of resting the bonedensity decreases 1% as well. Lying increases the stiffness and increases the risk for depression. The bad longterm results in the 1-week-rest-group were mainly caused by the high muscleloss so that the stabilisation of the joints in static and dynamic action was much worse - causing more pain and further painavoidance behaviour. 

"The best position for the spine is the regular change of positions"

But what and how should you stay active? You should stay with your everyday llife activities, but just slower and much more conscious. You should NOT perform typical physiotherapeutic exercises like sittups,... - the studies showed that in the acute phase of spinal pain these kind of exercises not just don't help, but often make it worse! But be honest: would you recommend a person 30 squads a day, if he had a thick, swollen and painful knee?

Which kind of exercises are allowed? You can perform whole body stabilisation exercises in the lying or standing position. You could ly on your back contracting your buttocks for protecting your lumbar region, then contract your stomache, softly your back and then your shoulderblade fixating muscles - hold it for about 15 sec, then relax again and repete it 3 times with a pause of about 1 minute in between. The