Sports Care

The main intention is to re-establish or maintain a satisfactory and safe ability to practice sports through qualified sports consultation and sports care - from health sports to high-performance sports.

1. Health Sports
To perform regular, moderate, physical exercise is helpful in preexisting diseases like some heartdiseases, hypertonia, diabetes or osteoporosis to prevent from diseaseprogression or to reduce the dosage of permanent medication.
In a thorough physical investigation and gaining facts by an exact medical history, potential  riskfactors are identified. Then we determine your individual bodyperformance regarding the heart-lungendurance, muscle strength and coordination. Based on these findings we create your optimal training therapy program.

2. Leisure Sports
The hobby sportsman/woman has already similar expectations regarding his/her body as a high professional sportsman. But the disadvantage: mostly the hobby sportsman has no professional care and training advisor. Further more just few hobby sportsmen know their body good enough, to assess which part could need more specific training or how long an injured ligament should not be loaded. The consequence - overload syndromes in transision-zones between tendon-muscle or tendon-bone.

We check you from your foot to your head and work out a professional training plan together with you. If some functional disturbance have already occured because of wrong loadings during sports, we treat you  based on the recent state-of-the-art therapies and then guide you slowly to your original performance level. If you need to change your kind of sport due to major structural disturbance in the movement apparatus, we will recommend to you an optimal suitable and gentle alternative sports.

3. Performance and High Performance Sports

To be prepared for a sports carreer nowadays, it is not enough to be talented or well trained - the concomittant professional, sportsmedicine assistance is an important part of the whole "show". The focus is located in the prevention of injuries or overload syndromes, but also in the best available therapy and rehabilitation after injuries or operations. As we have been treating and caring successfully for a large number of high performance sportsmen/women in the last years, we are able to offer to you a professional, medical care on the highest level.