How often does spinalpain occur and how frequent can we find a serious cause?

More than 80% of all people experience at least one acute spinal painepisode in their life. two thirds of these episodes happen in the lower spine, one third in the cervical spine. 
The largest riskfactor is the genetical predisposition to get spinal pain - nearly 100% of all disc prolapses take place, because the patients suffer from a genetically caused softtissue weakness, which is a mechanical deficiency regarding all ligaments, tendons, capsules, discs, cartilage or venes.

The more stretchable and hypermobil a person is, the higher the risk is  to get one of the common disturbances and complaints out of the locomotor apparatus. This sounds boring and nogt spectacular, but in reality it has definitely the most influence for the occurance as well as for the longterm prognosis of spinal pain.