How loadable is the spine?

The spine is very robust! The vertebral bodies are able to hold some tons of weight. The discs as the shock absorber or the spine can stand even more of weight. Additionally the spinal curvatures act like an elastic spring. Indeed - the spine belongs to our strongest bodyparts and its really not easy to harm one's spine!

On the other hand more then one third of the people with 30 years  have a significant reduction of physical performance, in the age of 35 years it is half of the people and with 50 years practically nobody is still as good in the physical shape as with 20 years.

Most of all people are able to perform strenuous physical work, although they have backpain to a certain degree. But this is very dependent of the job of a person. So, the same painful condition e.g. in the lumbar spine leads to a totall different grade of disability. The sitting job in front of the PC might be no problem , but the construction worker might be disabled to 100%.