Which analgesic methods are known to improve your pain?

A lot of different painreducing treatment options exist for your backpain. Although it may happen sometimes that it is not possible to achieve a total pain-freeness, a relevant reduction of pain has to be reached, to increase the level of activities. If this level is reached, it is your term again to move, to strengthen your back and to increase your coordinative skills.

It is helpful, to establish one's own painscale from 0= free of pain to 10= worst imaginable pain - because then, your reactions or actions at any level become more and more reproducable and transparent. What to do now, if the pain changes?
If the pain is on a 1-3 on the scale, you won't need painkillers, but you can do stretching or mobilisation exercises, take a hot bath or shower, use a elastic bandade for your lumbar spine, to protect the overloaded lumbar structures or put a hot painplaster with capsaicine on it on the most painful area. If the pain increases up to 4-5, it makes sense to take an antiinflammatory and a musclerelaxing medication for 2-5 days. Take the medication not just, when you can't stand the pain any longer, but already on the 4-5 on the painscale, because then it will mostly be possible, to prevent the pain worsening to its highest intensity, what normally needs much longer and much more medication, to stopp the process again.

 If the pain does not decrease or even gets worse, although having taken the a.m. medication within a maximum of 3 days, you should give your doctor a call. Maybe he advices you to add another central acting medication or he recommends, to come in for a guided infiltration.