What can hurt in your back?

There is a variety of anatomical structures, which have painreceptors. In the spinal channel we can find them in the backside of the disc and the dorsal longitudinal ligament, the boneskin and the capsules of the spinal joints. One of the most painful structures is the nerveroot, which nearly always causes radiation pain into the leg, where physicians can define the disturbed segment by interpreting the location of the legpain.

But also the quality of pain helps us to differentiate, from which tissue the pain origins. Pain coming from the ligaments is described as deep, dull and not well localized and occurs, if the person stands or walks very slowly (e.g. in the museum) - it stopps normally quite after the change of position. If the pain origins from the small spinal joints, the pain is also located deep inside, doesn't solve up immediately after having changed the position and gets worse, as soon as the patients begin to lean back. And finally the nerveroot pain is described like a 10-fold teethpain that comes like an electric shock into the leg, in particular when pressing or coughing. It seems not to be influencable at all by any agent and has a burning, shooting and electrical character.